Friday, July 4, 2014

Qatar Update

I've been silent for quite some time, but I've decided to start blogging again.

The reasons for the silence include immersion in my work as BIM Manager for the FIFA 2022 World Cup Al Wakrah Stadium and Precinct Development project, the intensity of that activity, and the observance the of the client's explicit interest in confidentiality. I am not allowed to share any of the details of the project, the processes involved in its creation, or detail the challenges that are typically encountered on any large and complex building project. I intend to comply with that mandate, no matter how much it goes against my professional and democratic sensibilities. Imagine where we would be with BIM if we could not share and learn from each other's successes - and failures.

I can confirm that it is a BIM project with a high degree of complexity. I am on the Project Management team from KEO International Consultants. The project's architect of record is AECOM (London), the design architect is Zaha Hadid, and the client is represented by Project Management Consultant CH2MHill. Most of the professionals involved are British, along with Australians, a few Americans, and workers of many other Asian and European nationalities.

Personally, there are always two aspects of my work-life from which I derive satisfaction, in addition to the actual objective activity of the job. Teaching and learning.

In Qatar I have learned quite a lot, but so far the opportunities to "pay it forward" have been limited. The revival of this blog is one of the ways I intend to change that.


  1. Hello Jay, Long time no hear :) Since you have access to this files, can you confirm if this form "shape" was based on adaptive components based on complex massing?
    What did Zaha Hadid office turn over to AECOM in order to convey design intend? Renderings? The process of making such a project is quite different from your typical BIM platform projects.

  2. Welcome back Jay!!! I look forward to reading your posts!

  3. It must be an amazing project to be a part of. Looking at the rendering, I'm thinking of how to do it in Revit ..... my knowledge of Dynamo is scant.

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