Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Azure Design Group


I have joined my former colleague Bob Carpenter at Azure Design Group in Orange, California. We will lead the Commercial Division providing BIM-based architectural services in-house and to external entities.

Azure Capital Group is an enterprise that creates safe and stable living environments. Azure is active in Finance, Development, Senior Housing, Hospitality and Medical Services in order to achieve our mission. Our corporate vision is to create living environments with high social purpose, lasting beauty, safety and functionality while providing our clients and customers a long-term thriving business and desirable lifestyle.

Azure Leisure Living is the management arm of the company and directs the efforts of Destiny Retirement, Nourishing Hospitality and DirectMed, as well as overseeing the development and construction activities of the company. Our business offices, located in Orange, CA serve as the hub for all company activity.

Azure Design Group is an in-house design center staffed with creative and talented architects and graphic designers. Having this function in-house greatly facilitates communication and efficiency. and is key to developing cutting edge properties and facilities that meet the current and emerging needs of our clients and customers.

Project Images (Website Under Construction)


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