Monday, November 14, 2011


Welcome to my new blog!
Beginning in November 2011 I accepted the role of Revit/BIM mentor in the Irvine office of KTGY Group. The position includes a broad range of responsibilities including project work, Revit technical support, and mentoring.
I’ve decided – or been inspired – to create this new blog as an additional means of communicating and documenting the activities and accomplishments of everyone involved in this effort. 
KTGY is a multi-disciplinary firm with more than 150 employees. Its practice areas include single and multi-family housing, retail, hospitality, workplace and interior design. The firm has just marked its twentieth anniversary with a grand Founders Day celebration, attended by all six of the original partners along with the practice leaders of its offices in Santa Monica, Oakland, Denver and Washington D.C.
The primary purpose of the blog is to keep everyone in the company informed of our progress toward the goals and objectives that have been set for implementation of Building Information Modeling.
Secondarily, it is my intention that the discourse will serve as a case study for the process of transition from a successful and profitable CAD workflow to full implementation of BIM.
I intend to make these discussions personal, informative and entertaining, and will include anecdotes and insights from my long career as an aficionado of architectural technology and BIM provocateur.