Monday, March 12, 2012

No Further Delays

After a slight hiatus from the conception of this blog to its inception, we are ready to move forward. The blog will remain public and all information posted here will be non-proprietary.

All the tips and techniques I will share have been developed over several years and in collaboration with a variety of AEC professionals, and are offered for the use and benefit of all. The anecdotes, issues and challenges arising from the transition from CAD to BIM will be familiar to many and interesting to all who are traveling along the same path.

This blog's primary purpose is a broadcast of news and information related to BIM transition at KTGY.

Across all five offices, about one-third of the design and production staff have training and experience using Revit. We have twenty Revit users in Irvine, a few in Oakland and D.C., and the entire staff in Denver is Revit-qualified. About fifty users total.

In the first three months at KTGY I've worked on developing BIM content, standards and methodologies. In Irvine we've initiated two multi-family housing projects,  a retail prototype job, and also created models of the ancillary buildings for yet another low-density housing project.

For all who have not yet had the opportunity to work in BIM I offer this incentive: Working with Revit is fun! All who wish to have more fun at work are invited to join the Revit-lution!

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