Monday, April 29, 2013

Walk-Through Study

This study of a current project was created at the client's request, to aid in visualizing an important area of the building, which was not addressed in the SketchUp Design Development model.

An in-place massing model was created using CAD backgrounds.

Walls were added in the area of interest using 'Wall by Face'.

Doors, windows, decks, and railings - salvaged from other projects - were added in the focus area only.

Topography placed in the courtyard area, with various materials placed by sub-region, using a landscape background as the template.

A 'fly-in' animation sequence was created by manipulating camera path key frames in a section view.

A 'fly around' animation sequence was created using 3D lines as a template for the path. Key frames were added to smooth out the camera motion.

The two animation sequences were aligned by placing the views on a sheet in wire-frame mode. All camera adjustments were made using the 'Look' feature on the Revit Steering Wheel. The two sequences were then combined with titles and effects using Windows Movie Maker.

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