Thursday, July 20, 2017

Revit Protocol Manual


The AEC (UK) CAD Standards Initiative was formed in 2000 to improve the process of design information production, management and exchange. Initially the initiative addressed CAD layering conventions as the primary concern for users of design data. As design needs and technology has developed, the initiative has expanded to cover other aspects of design data production and information exchange.

The committee was re-formed in 2009, including new members from companies and consultancies highly experienced in BIM software and implementation, to address the growing need within the UK AEC industry for a unified, practical & pragmatic BIM standard in a design environment.
The AEC (UK) BIM Standard was released in November 2009, and this document forms part of that body of work, as a Revit-specific standard which conforms with the platform-generic BIM standard.

Copyright Notice:
It is important to note that this standard will only become truly useful if as many companies adopt it as possible. To that extent, it may be freely distributed and used in any format necessary.


My current interest in the notion of BIM Standards was engendered during my work overseas, but I also learned that there are practical limits to what can be achieved, depending on the market in which one's design practice operates, along with many other factors.

Internationally, there is a wave of interest in standardization, prompted by the 2016 UK Level 2 BIM Mandate. There is also an overlay of academic interest in BIM, which can distort its practical implementation.

I have decided to release the Revit Protocol Manual in draft form, to receive feedback from any who wish to review its content. I have updated the manual to align with recent software enhancements and adapted it to U.S. terminology. You are, of course, free to use it (or the original documents) without restriction as noted above.

Allen Jay Holland


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